Troubleshooting Tips for HBO Go on Roku

Playback issues

If you are facing playback issues with HBO GO on Roku device, then one of the first recommended actions is to reset your device. The power cord has to be unplugged for a while and then reconnected. Once the device powers on, the video starts playing.

Reconnect to your wireless NETWORK

Otherwise, you could try reconnecting to your wireless network. Go to ‘Settings’ first, then to ‘Network’ and then look for ‘Wireless’. Refresh your connection. Sometimes, you may even see a message asking you to update your connection. Select your wireless network name and type the password. If you have previously connected, you may be asked to re-enter the password. Now, restart both the devices, your Roku as well as the wireless router. Plug all the devices and allow all of them to start up again. It is best to connect the Roku player in the end.

Troubleshooting Tips for HBO Go on Roku

Troubleshooting Tips for HBO Go on Roku

Audio not working

The audio in the Roku does not work when you try to watch HBO GO. Which means, you can see the associated video, but you cannot hear the sounds within it. Where the player seems to have been powered on through the appropriate input, there are issues with sound emissions. In such as case, try connecting the player to another audio output, to ascertain if the volume on the Roku is working fine. If it does work, then you may have to check the volume buttons of your TV.

Composite cabling

For TVs that are connected via composite cables, you have to check if the connectors have been inserted into the correct slot to emit the audio. Finally, if nothing works, just change the cable. Roku players can also be connected to another sound bar or AV receiver. In this case, you must ensure that you have selected the correct input to hear the audio.

Play surround sound

When you try to play surround sound, you cannot hear the audio. Then press on the Home button to go to the ‘Settings’ menu, and then select ‘Audio’ from here. Change the ‘Audio Mode’ to ‘Stereo’ and then modify the ‘HDMI’ to ‘PCM-Stereo’.

Note: The value for ‘HDMI and S/PDIF’ should be set to ‘PCM-Stereo’ if you are using an optical cable.

Remote issues

Sometimes, the Roku Express fails to recognize the button presses of the remote.  Since the device uses standard IR, both the objects must be in sight of each other. To fix this, first you must try relocating the player. Another simple thing that you should try is changing the batteries on the remote. Most of the time, the answer to this issue lies with the positioning of the player. It is generally blocked from view. You may want to even hold the remote control higher up so that the standard IR can send and receive commands.

The software is not updated

All Roku devices detect and update the latest versions of the software even when you are watching HBO GO. It is usually a background task. But sometimes, the device fails to update the software. Reasons range from poor internet connectivity to unexpected outages to an unresponsive Roku service. Always check on the device if the software has been updated. If not, you can do this task manually.

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