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If you like to watch something interesting in your leisure time, just read below to know about one of the best American series streaming in HBO GO Westworld Season.

The series is totally about a theme park which has robots to entertain the guest who can afford a ticket to live in the park. The memories of the hosts will erase in order to begin another cycle of their lives with a new guest. Check out what happens when the hosts couldn’t get out of their previous memory.

Westworld Season

Westworld Season 1

Arnold Weber and Robert Ford is the mastermind for creating a theme park with hosts (automatons) where humans can live in a way they like without any limits.

When Arnold came to know that the hosts are conscious, he pleaded Dolores (the very first host of West world) to kill other hosts along with him.

However, Ford forges with his new partner, Bernard Low to open the Westworld viable for the public.

West world’s corporate parent, Delos Incorporated sends two employees Logan and William to experience the hospitality of the park. Logan had personal intentions which he doesn’t reveal. In the meantime, William understands that Dolores is not like other hosts and falls in love with her. Realizing the unrestricted possibilities, William embraces his darker impulses.

After thirty years, Williams comes to the park again searching for Maze (an important device which guides the hosts to be conscious). Things get worse when the hosts behave weirdly. Maeve (one of the hosts) has memories of her past life and goes in search of her daughter in the outside world.

Despite all, Ford declares about the new narrative which will incorporate in the park soon. On the other hand, Dolores is planning to murder Ford in the same way Arnold died before.

Westworld Season 2

Westworld Season 2 bottom line is the repercussion of Dolores’s upraise leading her to hire many hosts to fight against Delos security force. The second season has the main plot of finding the door to the next world and Maeve finds about it while she was searching for her daughter. On the other side, William identifies her estranged daughter as a host while exploring the park to find “door”. The series concludes as the hosts escape from the theme park to the real world and Dolores recreate Bernard as she needs his help to fulfill her dreams though Bernard is a rival.

Westworld Season 3

There is no prior information about Westworld season 3. However, it is confirmed that the shooting will commence this June. We might expect it to premiere in the year 2020 and Aaron Paul is confirmed to cast in West World Season 3.

How to watch Westworld Season in HBO?

  • It is very easy to watch the episodes of Westworld if you have an HBO subscription
  • Just navigate to the channel store and search for the channel under Movies & TV Category
  • Open the app where you will find the channel activation code and enter in the official website
  • Add the channel provider’s credentials to move forward with the channel activation step
  • Follow the onscreen prompts and complete the HBO Channel setup on Roku with to watch your favorite episodes of West world. To know more details contact us @ +1-805-436-1100, our network team will provide you the better assistance.

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