Game of Thrones Season 8 and where to watch it

A quick recap of the last season HBO Go Game Of Thrones 

The Dead dragon took to the skies, it made millions of people around the world collectively catch their breath. The audience had seen him, Drogon, when he was a just an egg, a gift to a King. The last season of HBO Go Game Of Thrones really did increase the stakes. Viewers saw for the first time that not even the dragons had plot armor. Long consistent fan theory of L+R = J became true, when we saw Lisanna hold over her bloodied hand and entrust her just-born son to her Brother, Ned Stark. The Night King finally made his move and began the invasion of Westross.

HBO Go Game of Thrones

Things to expect in the Eighth Season of HBO Go Game of Thrones

Daenerys has enlisted the support of the young wolf, John Snow. This brings with it the support of the North, giving her a step-up over her rival, Queen Cersei Lannister. The Wall which has stood for 8000 years, will fall and the dead will start to sweep into the lands of the living, the fight will decide the fate of Westross. Drone will make a move and either support the Young Wolf and the Dragon Queen or they will side with Cersei to fight the one they consider to be an invader. The maesters will discover a way to defeat the dead, thanks to Sam. Tyrion Lannister will drink. You can watch HBO Go Game Of Thrones on Roku

You can watch HBO without cable following these steps

HBO was one of the first channels who got along with the movement of bringing their content online. With the exploding popularity of HBO’s flagship series, Game Of Thrones, the number of people wanting to watch the series has increased. The best way to watch HBO series’ online is to get the official HBO NOW application which costs $14.99/month and gives the user access to the entire collection movies and TV shows, including Game Of Thrones.


At $5, DirecTV has the cheapest addition for HBO of any streaming platforms. The base package of DirecTV, the “live a little” pack, does cost $40/month.

Amazon Prime

Another way to watch Game of Thrones is to add HBO to Amazon Prime and watch the final series, to get Amazon Prime however you need to buy the subscription yearly at $99 or monthly $8.25.

Hulu TV

Hulu TV is a live streaming platform that costs $39.99/month to use. It carries HBO and user can subscribe to the channel after paying $14.99.

PlayStation Vue

HBO is also available on the PlayStation Vue store. This is the most expensive option on the list here, with the base package coming at $44.99/month. $15/month, that’s how much HBO costs. If you have a PlayStation, however, using PlayStation Vue might be the best value for your money.

After following these steps you can watch HBO GO on your Roku device

These are not the only ways by which you can watch HBO and Game of Thrones, you could watch the show through your streaming devices. Streaming devices like Roku have an added benefit that if you have a cable connection you can watch the HBO Go Game of Thrones programming through the HBO GO application.

  • You should open the HBO GO app on your screen after downloading it. Using a device, mobile, tablet, or laptop, head over to and enter the code displayed on the screen.
  • After this, you should choose your TV provider and login in using the User name and password provided by your TV provider.

How to get HBO NOW on Roku?

To watch HBO NOW Game of Thrones on Roku, you should first download the streaming carrier from the Roku store. You will be able to watch Game of Thrones on your TV after installing it.

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