HBO Go App Is Not Working

It could be a little frustrating when your HBO Go app is not playing on your Roku device. Try these simple remedial measures such as tweaking your internet or restarting the device to overcome the issue.

HBO GO App Is Not Working On Roku

HBO Go App Is Not Working On Roku

Troubleshoot your internet

The most important factor for streaming online content is your internet. Therefore, ensure that it is up and efficient before you begin.

  • To know the current speed of your internet or to improve the same, you must contact your internet service provider.
  • When using a wireless connection, make sure that the streaming device is in close range with the router.
  • Despite the efforts, if the signal strength is weak, try using a wireless signal amplifier.

Restart the Roku

  • If the internet issue is persistent, then try restarting your streaming player.
  • Once you restart the device, access the HBO Go app and check if you are able to view the channel.
  • Otherwise, you may have to move on to the next step of removing and re-instating the app.

Uninstall and reinstall the Roku HBO Go App

Sometimes, a soft reset may not work for the Roku. Perform a hard reset, the steps for which will vary according to your Roku model. Even after this reset if you find the issue unresolved, then uninstall the app.


  • Turn on your Roku and access the home screen menu on your TV screen
  • Then navigate to the MY CHANNELS option to search for the HBO Go channel app
  • Highlight the channel with the help of your remote and then press the STAR button
  • From the list of available options, choose the REMOVE CHANNEL option

Restart your device once you complete uninstalling and before you begin reinstalling the app.


  • After you restart your device, navigate to the Roku home screen menu
  • And then go to the STREAMING CHANNELS menu aka the Roku channel store
  • Here you can search for and add the HBO Go channel to your device
  • Use the ADD CHANNEL menu to complete the channel addition

Software updates

Every device needs to be up to date in order to function properly. The Roku however does all the updates automatically without interrupting your streaming experience. In some cases the device may have missed out on an update. So, you have to manually update the software and firmware for your streaming player.

  • Access the settings menu from the home screen menu of Roku
  • Here, select the SYSTEM option under which you must choose the SYSTEM UPDATE followed by CHECK NOW

This way, you know that your device has the latest software updates.

If you are unable to stream Roku HBO Go app even after following all these troubleshooting steps diligently, then call us on our toll-free number +1-805-436-1100 or visit for assistance.

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